Ormo Print GmbH

Since 1994 a group around Prof. Ferdinand Trier at Munich University of Applied Sciences is developing coatings for glass. The main interest is in the development of coloured coatings for glass decoration. Most of our paints are formulated as hybrid coatings.

For the realization of the knowledge and to finance future developments,
the Ormo Print GmbH was founded in 2005.

In the recent years, a variety of different products for the industrial glass decoration were developed. The impact for further development work came in most cases directly from questions of the glass processing industry. This is why we are producing a number of different product lines.

Former developments were mostly done for application methods like brush or spray application, as well as for screen printing. Meanwhile we are also offering inks for digital printing.

Our products


Paints for glass,
typically coloured with pigments


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Paints for glass,
coloration typically with dyes


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for digital printing


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Colors for textiles and print media


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ink specaliy developt for high temperature burn in

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