Project Description

Ormojet Inkjet Series 9.4302

Chemical characterisation:
Hybrid ink

Print with ink-jet

In most applications an explicit curing is not necessary. If necessary, a thermal curing up to 180°C can be conducted.

Suitable substrates:
The inks of series 9.4302 are especially suitable for non-porous substrates. in many cases a good adhesion is achievable even at difficult substrates. The fastness properties qualify the prints for indoor and outdoor applications.

Available colors:
Cyan, magenta, yellow,black, white

Additional documents:

Technical data sheet for ink-jet inks
MSDS Ormojet Ink 9.4302 Cyan 2
MSDS Ormojet Ink Cleaner Blue

Picture examples:

Print with Ormojet White on black foil.

Print with Ormojet White on leather cloth

Print with Ormojet White on flat glass, approx. 300 x 400 mm.
This is the white background for the picture down

Print with Ormojet on flat glass, approx 300 x 400 mm.
Printed with 4 Colours plus white