ORMOGLASS combines hard and transparent glass with easy application of organic paints. It forms a clear, hard and very thin coating of not more than 1 to 3 µm thickness. This creates the impression of colored glass.

Colored glass is very expensive and limited to only a few colors. ORMOGLASS is available in nearly every color either glossy or frosted. Furthermore it is possible to mix desired colors from color concentrates and clear or frosted media.

ORMOGLASS was developed to coat of glass. Ceramics and chinaware can also be durably coated with ORMOGLASS.

The capability of outdoor use is limited. The stability which is usually required for outdoor use are not performed by all of the used colorants.

ORMOGLASS is dye based, and stands the tests of the cosmetic industry (L’Oreal test, cross cut, acetone, alcohol).

ORMOGLASS paints can be applied by brush, dip coating or spray. ORMOGLASS OP and ORMOGLASS SW are designed for brush application due to higher viscosity. ORMOGLASS Feltpen is filled in feltpens.

ORMOGLASS is delivered ready-to-use and can be applied without further dilution. In case diluting is desired, suitable thinners are available.

ORMOGLASS can be processed in an environment of up to about 60% humidity without problems. At higher humidity the layer formation may be disturbed. This can lead to a frosting effect on the coatings.

Thermal curing can be done at temperatures between 160°C to 190°C. The following minimum times are approved: 160°C: 30 minutes, 180°C, 10 minutes, 190°C: 5 minutes. To achieve best results in resistance against eluation, we recommend curing at 190°C for 20 minutes.