Based on the well-known ORMOGLASS paints for glass decoration, ORMOJET Ink is a special ink developed for digital printing.

ORMOJET Ink is a one-component system. The ink should be consumed within of approximately 6 months after the filling date. The inks should be stored in a cool place and protected from sunlight.

ORMOJET Ink was primarily developed to print on glass. It can also be used on ceramics, porcelain, metals, plastics and foamed material.

Lamination with a PVB-foil or EVA-foil is possible. Printing on the tin-side of float glass results in best adhesion. When foiled the print dos not requiere any kind of heat curing

For many applications, ORMOJET Ink needs no explicit curing. To achieve solvent resistant prints, thermal curing can be applied. The following minimum times were found to be suitable in practical applications: 160°C: 30 minutes, 180°C: 10 Minutes, 190°C: 5 minutes.

Exceeding the curing time generally does not lead to problems.