ORMOSOL combines hard and transparent glass with easy application of organic paints. It forms a clear, hard and very thin coating of not more than 1 to 3 µm thickness. This creates the impression of coloured glass.

ORMOSOL was developed to coat glass. Ceramics and chinaware can also be durable coated with ORMOSOL.

The capability of outdoor use is limited. The stability which is usually required for outdoor use are not performed by all of the used colorants.

ORMOSOL is pigment based color, it stands the tests used in the cosmetic industry (L’Oreal test, cross cut, acetone, alcohol) as well as dishwashing tests in domestic machines with very good results.

ORMOSOL paints can be applied by brush or spray. For other application methods special products are available. ORMOSOL is delivered ready-to-use for many application techniques, for spray application the addition of up to 20% dilution is recommended. Suitable dilutions are available.

ORMOSOL Atzimitat and ORMOSOL Metallics must be stirred or shaked before use, because these paints tend to precipitate.

Thermal curing can be done at temperatures between 160°C to 190°C. The following minimum times are approved: 160°C: 30 minutes, 180°C, 10 minutes, 190°C: 5 minutes. Temperatures are object temperatures, measured on the surface of the coated object.