ORMOTEX is a further development of our ORMO product line. It was specially developet to colour each fiber of a fabric. Traditional colours form layers between the fibres of the fabric, ORMOTEX colours each fibre sepratly, witch results in every fiber being visible.

ORMOTEX colours can be applied by dip coating and spray. ORMOTEX is delivered ready-to-use for both application methods.

ORMOTEX can also be used to colour individual strings of glass fibre.

ORMOTEX is available in every colour, including CFK-Imitates and white glass fibres.

Thermal curing can be done at temperatures between 160°C to 190°C. The following minimum times are approved: 160°C: 30 minutes, 180°C, 10 minutes, 190°C: 5 minutes.