SILICAJET is a advancement on our ORMOJET ink specaliy developt for high temperature burn in.

The SILICAJET coating is used after burning in an anorganic coating witch is sinterd on the glass surface. The sintered coating is extremly thin, about 1 µm and very scratchresistand.

SILICAJET Ink is anorganic and pigment based. The ink should be consumed within of approximately 6 months after the filling date. The inks should be stored at a cool place and protected from sunlight.

SILICAJET ink was primarly develop for digital printing on non-absorbent surfaces, witch need a high resistance against environmental influences, like water.

The lamination with a PVB-foil is not necessary to protect the coating against environmental influences, but is possible.

SILICAJET needs a high temperature burn in to achieve its high resistance.